Bring Spinway to Your Hotel

Offer your guests a fun, healthy, and convenient option for exploring your area. Our environmentally friendly and beautifully designed automated system allows your guests to easily rent a bike with little to no involvement from your team.

Guests simply swipe their credit card, accept the waiver, pull a bike and start riding! Handlebar bags and tailored maps are provided with every bike and guests are directed to your helmet and lock location. With no apps to download and comfortable 3-speed bikes, your guests will love the convenience of renting a bike right at your hotel.

The Spinway Bike solution was designed specifically for high-end hotels and is currently in use at more than 200 hotels in Australia. Recently introduced in the US,  Spinway NorCal has exclusive rights to install and operate in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Monterey counties. Contact us today to learn more!


Easy for Your Team

  • Self-service solution
  • No cables or locks creating an eyesore (or a hassle)
  • No paperwork (i.e. waivers) for your staff to manage
  • No payment transaction required
  • Spinway NorCal provides all bike maintenance
  • Spinway Norcal assists riders who need help
  • Custom maps provide local bike routes for your guests
  • Your team issues helmets and locks upon request


  • Spinway NorCal holds all liability
  • Your hotel is listed as an additional insured on our G&L policy
  • Guest must accept our Waiver before a bike can be released
  • Advanced technology locks the bikes to the dock and is built to be indestructible


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