Benefits of the Spinway Bike Solution

SIMPLE – Very easy to use…guests walk up, swipe their card, select a bike and start riding.

NO HOTEL STAFF NEEDED – 100% automated – no hotel involvement unless they want a helmet or lock.

GUESTS DON’T HAVE TO WAIT – Bikes are available 24/7 without having to wait for hotel staff to help.

ADVENTURE MAPS AND BAGS – Every bike has a handlebar bag and map tailored for your location

ROAD-SIDE ASSISTANCE – We perform road-side assistance between 8:30am -5pm for mechanical issues. If guests are tired, they are referred to Napa Red Cab as they have bike racks.

NO LIABILITY RISK – NVBT has public and product liability insurance for every rental and your hotel is added as an additional insured to our GL.  Since you don’t own the bicycles or helmets, receive no revenue, and are not involved in maintaining the bikes or the rental process, no liability is placed on you.

NO COST TO YOU – We are able to charge your guests a significantly lower rate than traditional store rentals because the system is 100% automated – a huge benefit to them

INCREASED SECURITY – Bikes are locked and tracked via the station’s technology with no clunky, easy-to-cut bike locks. The station automatically unlocks bikes once the waiver is signed and payment is approved.  When the rider returns, they simply push the bike back into the station which automatically locks the bike.

WEATHERPROOF – Bikes are protected with marine and aerospace technology that eliminates rust, dry rot and fading. Thus, the hotel does not have to cover bikes with ugly tarps when it rains.

MAINTENANCE & CLEANING – NVBT performs all maintenance and cleaning every week to ensure the bikes are safe, reliable and attractive to use