Bike Rental Process

Rent a Bike

  • Swipe your credit card to begin (Visa/MC/Amex only)
  • Enter bike ID number (see triangular plate on rear wheel)
  • Accept the waiver
  • PUSH bike forward into rack, then PULL out

Return a Bike

  • Align tab on your bike with an open slot on bike rack
  • Firmly PUSH bike into the dock until you hear it click
  • Pull back to ensure bike is locked & secure
  • Gather your personal items from the handlebar bag

Your Bike

  • 3-speed hybrid
  • Easy step-thru frame
  • Handlebar bag for storage
  • Custom bike map
  • Perky bell
  • Helmets & locks available at all hotel locations
  • Fits riders from 5'0" to 6'3"
  • Perfect for a comfortable, casual ride

Safety Tips & Rules of the Road

Call 707.947.3002 for assistance with the bikes, stations or kiosks

Call 911 or the police if you have an accident or your bike is stolen. Once you have a report or the immediate emergency is over, please call us.

Do not ride farther than you can ride back. If you are unable to ride back to your original station, your only option will be to call a taxi service that has bike racks. The front wheel is not easy to remove and the bike will not fit in the trunk of a car.

For a list of local taxi companies with bike racks, click here.

Find a Bike

Ready to Take a Spin?  Find a bike, select a route and get rolling!