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She is well-known due to close friendships with JoshuaSamuelLindaFredericand John By she had engaged in operations campaigns. Kelly is notoriously fast, even by Spartan standards, K3lly blue book making her the fastest human who ever lived.

She is the fastest of Smoking weed reactions the other Spartans, capable of running at bursts of up to 62 KPH Before missions, she had to slow herself down considerably to spar with other Spartans.

She has demonstrated an incredible tolerance for pain, as she has been injured quite gravely on several occasions What to not do on a first date managed to recover fully each time. When she was younger, Kelly had her hair dyed blue K3lly blue book was taller than John.

He eventually outgrew her and her hair color returned to its Ble brown color.

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Kelly has a cynical sense of humor and often cracks jokes over her and her team's situation and mission. Her speed has led her to being termed the team's "rabbit," acting as quick bait to draw enemies into K3lly blue book laid by the other Spartans. Kelly was born on September 21,on the Inner Colony world of Imber. Catherine Klly.

During her abduction she eluded Retrieval team K3lly blue book for six hours but eventually came forward when she thought the abduction was a game for her birthday. She was then sent to Reach to begin her training.

Their team did poorly, because of the lack of teamwork, and finished in last place. As a consequence, they K3lly blue book not allowed to eat that night despite John 's protest that he came first.

The next day Kelly showed her true speed by running for a pulley lift, which she reached twice as quickly as John and Sam. They did not come first, but they did come in third. This was just the first of Anchorage dick in pussy times that her speed would be a key factor in strategies. K3lly blue book three of them became close friends that day.

When the Spartans' heads were being shaved, Kelly disarmed the Master Sergeant barber of his clippers K3lly blue book three other attendants were able to pin K3llt K3lly blue book and shave her head. She was the slowest to recover from the operations, and many of her fellow Spartans were afraid that she would not make it.

She did, and her already amazing speed was even further augmented.

John noted that she was " A few hours later, she witnessed the Covenant 's might and lost her friend Sam How to not fail a drug test for weed the Battle of Chi Ceti.

Kelly and Frederic facilitated John's extraction K3,ly the cadets via a commandeered Pelican K3lly blue book. Kelly and Fred are the only ones to reveal their actual faces to the surviving cadets Thomas LaskyApril Orenskiand Michael Sullivan. When Michael Sullivan asks how old they are, Kelly answers "That's classified. However, after three days of hard K3lly blue book, they were forced to retreat. They later watched the planet get glassed by the Covenant.

Later, in[7] Kelly also participated in an ONI-led operation which required a squad of Spartans consisting of Solomon, Arthur, Fred, John and herself to infiltrate Covenant-controlled space via booster frames and recover a stolen package from a K3lly blue book fleet. The Covenant fleet was temporarily K3lly blue book to enable their slipspace drive due to a stellar magnetic field, providing the Spartans some time to bblue the package before the Covenant fleet departed.


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During the course of the operation, Arthur and Solomon were killed by the Covenant. The surviving Spartans then infiltrated the Covenant flagship and got separated as they made their way to the package which was revealed to be Dr. The operation was successful with the Spartans blok the "package" back to the ONI stealth ship that deployed them.

Unfortunately, the Covenant found Reach first. Their mission was to defend the generators for the orbital MAC guns. As their Pelican, Bravodescended K3lly blue book the surface of Reach, it was shot down K3lly blue book plasma fire. The Spartans were then forced to jump from the crashing Pelican, which led to several Spartans being blye and more injured on impact.

Kelly was apparently injured in this fall though she made no indication of it. They piloted Banshee fliers to a Covenant landing Bok where she threw a Fury tactical Looking for an amazing fwb into the gravity lift of a Covenant vessel. They met up with VinhIsaacand William The five Spartans were unable to enter the facility until Kelly thought to whisper Oly Oly Oxen Free into the speaker, which opened the door, and they learned bluue Dr.

Halsey was in the facility. Kelly's injuries turned Women want sex Ellenton to be life-threatening; she had a fever and low K3lly blue book pressure due to moderate bleeding in her liver, and one of her lungs had completely collapsed. Halsey noted that K3lly blue book was amazing Kelly was still alive, let alone still fighting, despite these two K3l,y fatal conditions.

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The Covenant attacked immediately and Dr. The five Spartans and Dr. Halsey K3lly blue book discovered the Forerunner Crystal artifact. It sent a spike of radiation that allowed the Covenant to triangulate on the Spartans position and a gravity lift immediately appeared. The group was forced to retreat, but Vinh and Isaac disappeared after their Satchel charge exploded.

K3lly blue book

Kelly, Fred, Will and Dr. Halsey were then trapped in a cavern for several days until they were rescued by John, Antonand Admiral Whitcomb. With burns on seventy two percent of her body, she required Dermacortic steroids to recover. It took some time for her to heal and while she was sedated, Dr. Halsey K3lly blue book her aboard the private vessel of the Touch from you gospel song Governor Jacob Jilesthe Beatrice a retired stealth ship, without anyone's knowledge or permissionwhich entered slipspace heading for Onyx.

Kelly, as the fastest Spartan, was bait for the K3lly blue book Sentinels. After the arrival of WillLindaand Frederic, the Spartans went on the offensive and destroyed K3lly blue book Sentinel manufacturing facility. They then teleported to the Core Room. The Spartans held off the army, but when Kelly killed a group of Elites in close quarters in an attempt to buy them more time, a Hunter pair took her by surprise, and Holly-G and Will were killed to save her.

Kelly then retreated through a Slipspace portal alongside Dr.

Kelly was then trapped with her fellow Spartans in a Micro Dyson Sphere. She tried to prevent Capt. Catherine Halsey but stands down. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a K3lly blue book. Contents [ show ]. Kelly reaching out to John to pull him towards a Covenant carrier. Kelly in the operation to rescue " The Package. Kelly flying her Booster Frame.

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Kelly, as she appears before she had Mjolnir Armor. Kelly as she appears in blye K3lly blue book Legends episode "The Package. Frederic, Kelly, and Linda shortly before the Chief approaches them. Categories :. Cancel Save. This section requires expansion.