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Secret to good sex

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I am getting better at doing that but it would be nice to have a friend that would help keep me accountable.

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Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The goor and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate.

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And "More information" links may no longer work. Questions about personal health should always be referred to a physician or other health care professional. The study of couples in committed relationships found what many others had shown before: Couples tood had sex more often were typically happier and more content with Secret to good sex lives.

However, much of that link seemed to be explained not by sex itself, but by couples' general levels of affection -- whether that meant cuddling or whispering sweet-nothings to each other. Secret to good sex all suggests that the "relational aspects of sexuality -- and more specifically, the sharing of affection -- are central in understanding why sex does good," said lead researcher Anik Debrot.

That might be good news for people who worry about things like sexual performance or having a "perfect body," Secret to good sex to Debrot. Instead, they could "remember that sex is a great way to share an intimate and affectionate moment with your partner," said Debrot, a research Texas minor dating laws at the University of Lausanne's Institute of Psychology, in Switzerland.

The findings are based on four studies of couples in the United States and Switzerland. In each, couples were asked how often they had sex, and how often they shared affectionate "moments" or "touches.

Overall, the studies found, couples who were more sexually active tended to report greater satisfaction with life. They also had more "positive emotions" -- both in general, and the morning after having sex.

10 Secrets to Satisfying Sex - The Good Men Project

So does that mean sex, by encouraging goor, helps breed happiness? Or do happy people have sex more often? One of Temptation dating site studies suggests it may be the former: Debrot's team Secret to good sex that sex predicted positive emotions the next day -- whereas good feelings did not boost couples' likelihood of having sex over the next 24 hours. She's an associate professor of family relations and human sexuality Secret to good sex the University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada.

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Milhausen, who wasn't involved in the research, Secret to good sex it "sheds light on how sex and life satisfaction are intertwined. So while past studies have linked the frequency of sex to couples' contentment, it's actually more complicated than that, according to Milhausen.

Affection, sexx post-sex affection, is important. Milhausen t pointed to a particularly interesting finding: Affection mattered to both women and men -- in contrast to the stereotype that men can do without the cuddling and sweet words.

Debrot agreed. Still, the research has limitations.

The 5 Keys To Great Sex | HuffPost

For one, couples who volunteer for a relationship study may not be representative of couples in general, Milhausen pointed out. And, she stressed, it's never possible to give couples a one-size-fits-all prescription tk happiness.

So neither more-frequent sex nor extra cuddling and hand-holding are magic bullets. People dex vary widely in how they like to express affection, Milhausen noted.

For others, it's gifts of service, like putting your snow tires on for you," she said. Debrot pointed out that no one Secret to good sex saying that life satisfaction depends on affection from a romantic partner. Many studies show that a range of factors contribute to any dex person's well-being.

Secret to good sex Nor does this study imply that couples get no emotional benefit from sex itself. For example, Debrot said, the physiological effects ses sex -- including the hormones it releases -- may also boost a couple's positive feelings.

The American Psychological Association has advice on keeping relationships healthy. Last Updated: Mar 10, All rights reserved.

Secret to good sex

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